JCI Programs

JCI Programs, offered locally, nationally and internationally, provide members opportunities to learn, achieve and inspire active citizenship while engaging their communities in new and innovative ways.

The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP)

Every year, JCI selects 10 outstanding young people under 40 who live the JCI Mission in extraordinary ways. The accomplishments of these young active citizens in a variety of fields inspire us to be better and realize our full potential as active citizens. JCI TOYP is run locally, nationally and internationally.

JCI Training

Providing development opportunities that empower young people is an essential part of the JCI Mission. JCI Training provides opportunities for JCI members to improve themselves and use those skills to improve the world around them. Currently, JCI Trainers are working with UNESCO to develop tolerance and cultural awareness training programs to teach young people to value diversity.

The JCI World Public Speaking Championship

Public speaking is a critical skill for leaders to motivate others toward positive change. At the JCI World Public Speaking Championship, members face the challenge of expressing creative ideas in a clear and captivating manner. National Public Speaking contest winners compete at the JCI Area Conferences, then the winners for each Conference go on to represent their geographical area at the JCI World Congress.

The JCI World Debating Championship, Sponsored by 1963 JCI President Eric H. Stevenson

Debating skills equip members to resolve conflicts, respect differences and overcome obstacles. Discussing relevant current topics, contestants support their perspective with compelling arguments. Capacity-building events like this build a foundation of teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving that members use to address issues in their local communities.

JCI Twinning

The JCI Twinning Program formally links two or more JCI Local Organizations who are interested in collaborating. Twinning partners learn, exchange ideas, forge diverse connections and gain a unique perspective on the world as they participate in joint cross cultural projects. Twinning leverages the JCI global network to gain a deeper understanding of international cooperation.

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